Claire McCaskill: Trump ‘Has Diminished’ Our Intel Community

‘He has taken Kim Jong-Un — I mean a murderous dictator’s side against the CIA’


RUHLE: "Do you think we have a handle on what Russia is capable of and do you think we’re actually doing anything? I mean you're saying the president doesn’t want to touch this because he fears it delegitimizes him. But can you take him out of this and say we’ve got to protect this country?"
MCCASKILL: "I think the intelligence community is doing that without much support from the executive branch, I might add. I mean, he has diminished them, he has insulted them. He has taken Kim Jong-Un — I mean a murderous dictator’s side against the CIA. I mean, this is how bad it’s gotten. But you know what, the vast majority of people who work in the CIA are veterans. And our intelligence community is incredibly strong and smart. And I know that they are doing the work that America would want them to do and I know they’re sharing that work behind closed doors where there is still some bipartisanship on the intelligence community of the United States Senate. So I’m optimistic that committee will come out with some solid recommendations on how we can limit foreign power. And by the way, can somebody explain to me how Donald Trump Jr. didn’t know to call the FBI? I mean in what world do you find out that Russia wants to help your dad win and you don’t call the FBI?"

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