Peter Wehner: We’re Not 1966 South Africa; We’re Not in a Period of Apartheid

‘If you get your politics wrong, there is a huge human cost’


WEHNER: “We’re not 1966 South Africa. We’re not in a period of Apartheid. We have challenges. But we have it within ourselves to correct them. Sometimes in my conversations with people, they speak as if our political maladies is a terminal illness, like there’s nothing we can do about it. And I think one of the things I say in my book is we have to shake out the cynicism, we have to shake out the fatalism, and we have to reclaim the country we love. Politics matters. It’s a complicated profession. It has its down sides. Everybody here knows about that. But finally and fundamentally, politics is about justice. And you can’t be indifferent to politics because politics is about human lives. And if you get your politics wrong, there is a huge human cost. So much of what you love and care for can be swept away, and if you get your politics right, you can create the conditions for human flourishing and human dignity. And we've got to do that because there is a lot at stake. We -- we don’t have the luxury of sitting back and -- and giving up."

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