WaPo Reporter: Trump Is Kind of ‘Impeachment Curious’

‘So the president doesn’t want to be impeached but he’s intrigued’


PARKER: “So, President Trump is really hearing from two camps. There is one camp and there is the larger camp that is telling him, you don’t want to be impeached. That’s absolutely crazy, it’s grueling, it’s brutal and it mars your presidency forever. It’s an asterisk. And then he’s hearing from the another side of the people who aren’t necessarily pushing impeachment but are saying, look, the silver lining is that this would really benefit you politically. When we look into the data, we believe that Democrats going after you would boost your approval ratings and basically all but reassure your reelection in 2020. So the president doesn’t want to be impeached but he’s kind of impeachment curious. He's intrigued by how Bill Clinton's numbers were boosted and it backfired on Republicans in the late '90s, and as you know, you likes an opponent, and there's nothing he likes more than going after the Democrats as sore losers who just won’t drop this witch hunt."

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