‘Morning Joe’ on Biden’s Lead in the Polls: Pretty Soon We Will See These Polls Actually Matter

‘What response does he have for those on the debate stage?’


SCARBOROUGH: "That does seem to me, at least, to be a pretty good formula for Joe Biden, actually reading notes at the lectern, staying on script at the lectern. And then when he goes out, shakes hands with people, connects in a positive way, that is pretty powerful and probably his best path forward. Mike Barnicle, you know, a lot of people will love to dismiss polls that are coming out in the summer of 2019, saying, 'Oh, it’s not going to have any big impact.' Boy, let me tell you something. When the next FEC filings are dropped, then you will know it makes a difference. If you’re sitting at 1%, if you’re sitting at 2%, good luck getting the 35, 40, $45 million you need to survive till Iowa. You just won’t do it. Pretty soon, we’ll see that these polls actually do matter."

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