Joe Scarborough: For Now, Trump Starts as 40% President

‘Well, congratulations, Mr. President; You’ve got 40%’


SCARBOROUGH: "Yeah. And, you know, the important thing to remember, Mika, is that polls don’t always reflect the breadth of Donald Trump support. We noticed in 2016, we could be talking to 1,000 people and nobody would admit they were voting for Donald Trump. Then you would actually talk to them afterwards, and they would all come up saying they were voting for Donald Trump. This is a little different. He’s now running as an incumbent politician who hasn’t kept his word on Mexico paying for the wall, health care for all, universal health care, an improved health care, a cheaper health care, or tax cuts for working class Americans. There’s all of that. But at the same time, when it is Donald Trump on stage against one Democrat, it is going to tighten up.But for now, he starts as a 40% president."

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