Colbert on Trump Giving His Word on Mexico Border Deal Letter: We Want Something of Value

‘Then Trump laid out a challenge to everyone who did not believe’


COLBERT: “Look, look, if I don’t have a secret agreement with Mexico, then how do this piece of paper right here? How I do have a piece of paper they will not read to you, okay, okay? And here, here’s Middle East peace right here. It’s so— it smells so fantastic, like this. Yes, peace right there. There we go, all right. Okay. We’ve got the Mexico deal. We’ve got Middle East peace. And hold on, the colonel’s screlt recipe right here, seven herbs and spices.” Then Trump laid out a challenge to everyone who did not believe.”
TRUMP [clip]: “I just give you my word.”
COLBERT: “We would prefer something of value.”

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