Alan Dershowitz: There Is No Legal Right for a Mueller Testimony

‘I hope we’ve seen the last of it’


DERSHOWITZ: “It’s possible. But there’s no use to having him testify. The Mueller report never should have been written. There’s no room under our constitution for special counsel, special prosecutors, reports. Prosecutors have the right to say one thing. We have concluded there’s no evidence sufficient to charge the president with Russian collusion or obstruction of justice, period. I’m taking no questions, make nothing public report. I’m giving my findings to the Attorney general. No prosecutor should go beyond that. We agreed with that when Comey went beyond that with Hillary Clinton. I don’t understand the difference between the criticism of Comey for saying that Hillary Clinton engaged in extreme carelessness. Everybody criticized that. And then we want to know why Mueller didn’t charge the president. It’s the same thing. The whole enterprise of special counsel, special prosecutors is inconsistent with the Constitution. I hope we’ve seen the last of it.”

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