Kasich: Biden Will Pay to Have Trump Attack Him Aggressively

‘This is not where we want to win’


KASICH: “And what’s the headline about? Donald Trump calling him, you know — look, I try to teach my daughters about the way to conduct themselves around their friends and they don’t go around saying, you know, this person is really stupid or they’re of low intelligence or — that’s just really terrible. And, don, when I think about it, I don’t know how many of our listeners will remember John McEnroe. When he was throwing his racket around, all the kids started throwing their rackets around. And when the president starts making fun of people like that and questioning their intelligence, guess what happens in the schoolyard? Kids start doing it to their classmates. This is not where we want to win. But Biden will pay to continue to have Trump attack him aggressively. That means that it’s between Trump and Biden.”

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