Bill Maher on Criticism on Biden’s Past: People Do Not Understand that Humans Evolve

‘Joe Biden is not perfect, none of us are’


MAHER: “I think what it reveals is that people in this age don’t understand that humans evolve just like societies evolve and by the way to all the people that are so harsh on the past, there’s things that you’re doing right now that are going to look bad in the future. Things we’re doing right now. We used to smoke on airplanes. We thought it was a great idea to walk inside an enclosed aluminum tube and light up a Chesterfield. All of these people that are so judgmental, I want to say to them, stop prosecuting people back then that did things that if you were around back then you would have done them too. If you were around in the 80s you would have worn the big shoulder pads because we were all doing that. So yes Joe Biden is not perfect. None of us are. All you can expect from a human being is to evolve. He was rotten to Anita Hill but what is he going to keep apologizing for it until the end of his time?”

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