Live Action Chief: Dems Want Abortion Through All Nine Months of Pregnancy

‘Half of America is pro-life’


ROSE: “Yeah. Well, look, Kirsten Gillibrand has zero percent I think. She is polling at zero percent. Her comments are held this idea it’s not even justified to have the pro-life position. You are a racist. That term is just thrown around today. But saying that you are even a racist to be pro-life. Half of America is pro-life. Why are we pro-life? Because we believe in human rights. She invoked human rights. Well, we believe in the right to life for every human being. In the womb and outside of the womb. It’s our first human right. It’s in the Declaration of Independence. Her position of abortion throughout all nine months for any reason is held by all the candidates for president. Every single one of them want abortion through all nine months. That’s their position and out of touch put vast majority of Americans, including most Democrats. They don’t want abortion on demand for any reason. So, she is completely out of touch and it’s astonishing for her to say this.”

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