Tucker Deprecates John Dean as a ‘Living Answer to a Trivia Question’

‘He has nothing to do with Robert Mueller or his investigation’


CARLSON: “Dean, you'll remember, if you are old, was Nixon’s White House counsel during Watergate. He helped orchestrate the payoffs and the cover-up that brought down his boss. Dean was incarcerated for that, he was convicted and then incarcerated. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about John Dean. He is the living answer to a trivia question, that is, until this week. Yesterday, House Democrats brought Dean to Congress to testify up on Capitol Hill. Not about Richard Nixon, but about the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation? Baffling. John Dean is 80 years old. He has nothing to do with Robert Mueller or his investigation. Dean hasn’t worked in any of the last eight presidential administrations. When John Dean last held a politically relevant job, Francisco Franco ran Spain. It was a long time ago. So why was Dean on Capitol Hill? Well, simple. He works for Jeff Zucker now as a CNN contributor.”

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