Mike Cernovich: Google’s Internal Emails Will Reveal Hatred of Christians and Conservatives

‘It’s very, very rare to get that kind of look under the hood at Google’


CERNOVICH: “It’s very, very rare to get that kind of look under the hood at Google, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen in this case. I’m surprised that Google hasn’t offered to settle the case for a large amount, because I can only imagine the kind of emails that they’re sending internally when you look at what people say publicly. They confess publicly that they hate most people in America, that they hate people if they don’t subscribe to this very, very narrow and extreme far left-wing radicalism. This is all out in the public record. The kind of messages they’re sending internally I’m sure are completely hate-filled, completely bigoted, and it’s going to be really fascinating to see how it turns out.”

(Via Breitbart)


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