Lamont-Hill on Racist Frat Chant: There Is Something Seductive About White Supremacy

‘Often times people will be on their moment, they do nothing to resist the chant’

CABRERA: “Marc, does it surprise you that not one person stood up and said this isn’t OK, at least in the video?” 
HILL: “No, because there’s something seductive about white supremacy. Oftentimes, people will be in the moment. Even if in their best moment they wouldn’t do it themselves or initiate such a chant, they do nothing to resist the chant. That’s part of what white privilege is. That’s part of white supremacy allows for. And so that’s why important for us to not just challenge the 10 people who led the chant or who we saw on tape, but go to the entire fraternity and ask some serious questions here. Black witness often doesn’t mean anything. Black students are on college campuses all around the country. And I study these students. They talk about these types of experiences. They talk about these micro-aggressions. They talk about these very direct forms of racism. But they often get ignored by student — and by administration, rather. The only time it seems to matter is if it’s on tape. That’s why it’s so important look at this tape, but to also look at the bigger culture on college campuses and universities.”

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