‘View’ Hosts Defend Biden Flip-Flop on Abortion, Praise Him Listening to ‘Women of Color’

‘The hyde amendment affects predominantly women of color and African Americans’


HOSTIN: "He does have to get it together. I think for the Hyde Amendment, I know that he’s always struggled with the issue of abortion as a Catholic. And he has said that, that he’s had to sort of evolve, and he doesn't want his faith to be part of his politics, and I’m in the same position. But it just seems to me that when you have women of color and black women that make presidents and you realize that the Hyde Amendment affects predominantly women of color and African Americans, and for him to sort of come out and not recognize that immediately, I don’t know that it’s — you can even call it clumsy. It almost just seems to be — I don’t know. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t recognize that. He's been a senator for so very long. He was the vice president for eight years. He has to understand his constituency. I think that’s going to be very problematic for him, actually."

(Via NewsBusters)

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