GOP Rep. Tees Off on Fmr. US Attorney at Hearing: ‘Do You and Rachel Maddow Have Evidence of Collusion?’

‘You don’t have any more information or evidence than what we have here’


COLLINS: “Ms. McQuade, I have a quote, it was a tweet from you that says 'hey Mueller, look over here. @maddow has found the collusion. Follow the sanctions. If this whole cable news thing doesn’t work out for you, Rachel, you have a real future in the FBI.' This was December 1, 2018. I have a question. Do you — yes or no, do you and Rachel Maddow have evidence of collusion that the Special Counsel didn’t have?"

MCQUADE: "Well, you know, collusion is an interesting term, congressman Collins. It’s a term that Robert Mueller in his report says I didn’t use because it’s kind of confusing. And so ultimately after reading his report, what he says is I wasn’t able to establish the crime of conspiracy. But he did document numerous contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign. In fact, right at the very beginning of the report at page 1 — "

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