MSNBC Hypes Dems ‘Bringing Mueller Report to Life’ with Hearings

‘In just a few hours from now, Democrats will kick off a series of hearings aimed at educating the public on the Mueller Report’


O'DONNELL: "In many ways, Steph, this is about bringing the Mueller report to life with a multi-act play, using key figures from the Watergate era, including Nixon White House counsel John Dean, to talk about what obstruction means and to go through aspects of the Mueller report and discuss them in a public setting here on Capitol Hill where it will generate attention and will perhaps bring some voters into this process who have not been paying attention. It also serves a purpose of showing, according to Nancy Pelosi’s team, the specific actions that House Democrats are taking on a day-by-day basis to hold the President to account, to shine a light on what was found in the Mueller report, and to demonstrate that there is action happening, although it is not an impeachment inquiry and many Democrats would like to see that happen much more quickly and Nancy Pelosi is not on board on that yet. When you look at the week ahead here, Steph, it is an indication of this idea of bringing things to life.” 

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