CNBC’s Joe Kernen Gushes as Trump Tells Him He’s 80% Behind His Agenda: ‘Eighty Percent Is Good!’

‘That’s a good grade for me’

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TRUMP: “It's a very simple formula now, that would leave Mexico in an unbelievably bad position. We don't want that either. And I spoke with the president of Mexico. I get along with him very well, and we made this deal. But this is something the U.S. has been trying to get for over 20 years with Mexico, they've never been able to do it. As soon as I put tariffs on the table, it was done, it took two days."
KERNEN: "A lot of times I just -- you know what devil's advocate is, and with Myron, he just made it -- he was so dogmatic about never use tariffs, so I was kind of kidding around with him and pushing back but 80 percent is good. That's a good grade for me. I'll take it."

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