Axelrod: Biden’s ‘Flip, Flop, Flip’ on Abortion Funding Raises Questions About His Campaign

‘This was not a reassuring episode for the Biden campaign’


AXELROD: “We see that on this issue of the Hyde Amendment, but the other is the way this thing came down. Joe Biden was out on his — on the campaign and he’s not been out that much and a voter challenged him on the question of Hyde, video was rolling and he said he would re veers this policy. Then the next day the campaign — when it came to light the campaign put out a statement and said, no, he still believes in the Hyde Amendment. Then there was a furor and last night he flipped again. So that was a flip, flop, flip, which is never a good thing in Politics and it raises questions about his own performance and his own steadiness and his campaign’s performance. So this was not a good — you know, beyond the issue itself, this was not a reassuring episode for the Biden campaign.

(Via RealClearPolitics)

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