CNN’s Baldwin Calls Out Trump for Referring to Pelosi, Hillary, Other Women as ‘Nasty’: ‘He’s Scared of Them’

‘Scared of the female reporters at the White House asking tough questions’


BALDWIN: "Yep, this nastiness goes all the way back to the campaign trail. But you know what women did? They started a movement. A rallying cry. They made t-shirts, they created a nasty woman tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They even started a Wikipedia page. Look it up. Nasty woman. Listen, Trump's a businessman, so it makes sense that he would use the same word over and over, he's trying to brand them. He's hoping it sticks. Whether it is speaking up, but — you know what? I actually think he’s scared of them. Scared of some of the female reporters at the White House asking tough questions, nasty. Scared of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and what she might do. Nasty. And if nasty is what he calls women who are outspoken, who use their voices, who have opinions, well, then, stay nasty, America."

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