Northam on Blackface Photo Scandal: ‘Time to Move Forward’

‘I addressed it’

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NORTHAM: "We did conduct an investigation, a very thorough investigation, and that was turned over to Eastern Virginia Medical School. They've reported on their investigation. You know, we've -- we've turned the page. Virginians want to move forth. They want a leader, a leader such as me that has passed Medicaid expansion in Virginia, 400,000 working Virginians now have access to health care, 627,000 Virginians now can get their licenses restores, because they weren't able to pay their fines and fees. These are the things that we've been able to do in Virginia. That's what Virginians care about. So we're ready to move forward. But today is an important day for gun safety in Virginia, and we need to do everything that we can to make sure that there are no more horrific tragedies like we witnessed this weekend in Virginia Beach."

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