MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch: Biden’s Abortion Stance Isn’t a Flip-Flop, Won’t Hurt Him

‘This is the first example on how he can gracefully pivot’

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GEIST: "But does it also look, Donny, as the Trump campaign has said but others have said, that this is a cave to the left. He is a devout Catholic. This is something that he believes in his core. You know, he supported the Mexico City policy over the years, the Hyde Amendment. That in a period of 24 hours, he heard noise from the left and quickly changed his core?"
DEUTSCH: "I will go on the theory that ordinarily he would get the flip-flop. I think once he — he will have the same thing Trump had, the same shiny halo that people will let it slip off."
RATTNER: "I think what's also going on, he's a front-runner. And when you're the front runner, a lot of stuff comes with the front-runner that includes other candidates suddenly quietly pushing on you saying, 'You've got a position that is not really tenable in the modern Democratic Party which has moved to the left.' There's so much focus on him and obviously the press focuses on these flip-flops or changes in position, and they’re not going to let him completely get away with it. So he is, you know, when you’re the front-runner, it comes with a lot of baggage and it is not the easiest place to be."

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