Tucker Praises Elizabeth Warren’s Plan for ‘Economic Patriotism’

‘She sounds like Donald Trump at his best’


CARLSON: “Let’s say you regularly vote Republican. Ask yourself: What part of the statement you just heard did you disagree with? Was there a single word that seemed wrong to you? Probably not. Here’s the depressing part: Nobody you voted for would ever say. That Republicans would not promise to protect American industry. It might alienate the libertarians. A Republican did not say that. Sadly. Instead. The words you just heard are from senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. It’s true. Yesterday Warren released her plan for economic patriotism. That’s what it is. This is not a word about Identity Politics in the document. No hysterics about gun control or climate change or illegal immigrants. It’s just about preserving good paying American Jobs. Many of Warren’s policies make obvious sense. The U.S. Government should buy American products and it should. We need more workplace apprenticeship programs. We see American companies take research and use it to manufacture products overseas like Apple did with the iPhone. She sounds like Donald Trump at his best. Who is this Elizabeth Warren you ask? Well, not the gun grabbing abortion extremist you thought you knew. Elizabeth Warren is still all of those things too. That’s the problem. Not just for Elizabeth Warren but with American Politics.”

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