Sen. Murphy: ‘I Would Be Surprised’ if Republicans Stand Up To Trump on Mexico Tariffs

‘I would be surprised if the Republicans in the Senate go forward with a confrontation with him’


MURPHY: "Well, there are two things that happened yesterday. One, the Republicans sent this message to the president that he would be in real trouble if he sent over — if he actually went forward with the Mexico tariffs. That strategy has worked in the past and communicated to him that some of his nominees were so objectionable they wouldn’t find favor in the Republican caucus and he pulled them. He had Chuck Schumer, you know, essentially telling him he didn’t believe he would actually go forward with it, which caused the president to Double Down and back himself into a deeper corner. So it’s not clear whether the Republicans’ normal tactics of trying to quietly signal to the president he’s gone too far in this case will work, and if the president calls their bluff, there’s really no precedent for them actually using their article 1 powers to stop him. Lots of complaints, but not a lot of action. Unfortunately, I think this is in the president’s hands. If he moves forward with the tariffs on Mexico I would be surprised if the Republicans in the Senate go forward with a confrontation with him. They never wanted one before. I would be surprised if they do it but unlikely."

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