Trump Tells Piers Morgan: ‘My Mother Would Have Been Very Proud’ to See Me as the Queen’s Guest

‘She loved the royals, she loved the Queen’

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TRUMP: "It’s been an incredible trip. Last night was really quite unbelievable, with the Queen, because that is a great woman."
MORGAN: "You watched, I believe, the coronation when you were six years old --"
TRUMP: "Yeah."
MORGAN: "-- in 1953 with your mother who was as big monarchist, your mother Mary."
TRUMP: "That’s true." 
MORGAN: “And you watched that 66 years ago. And as I watched you last night, I was thinking what would your mother have made of her little boy, Donald, being the guest of honor at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace with the same Queen now in her 90s and you were there as President of the United States? What would she have made of it? “
TRUMP: “Well, she would have been very proud. She would have never thought in terms of president because I never talked in terms of running for president. I decided to do it and I won. I said to a couple of people I think I’m going to do it. And then I said to my wife, I think I’ll give it a shot. She said, you know you’ll win. But I will say that my mother would have been very proud. She was a tremendous fan of this country, and she was -- she loved Scotland. She grew up in Stornoway, she left at 19 for New York. She met my father and they were married for --"
MORGAN: "She loved the Royals, didn’t she?"
TRUMP: "She loved the Royals, she loved the queen. And I always noticed whenever anything was on about the queen she would watch. She was a big fan of this queen."

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