Mike Huckabee Was Feeling Like a Freak on a Leash This Weekend

‘I realize that when the two of us are on stage together — ‘

HUCKABEE: "Brian, I got to tell our audience something. About five and a half, six years ago, you and I first met."
WELCH: "Yes."
HUCKABEE: "I interviewed you and I said then, 'Hey, we got to do music together sometime.' Remember that?"
WELCH: "Yes."
HUCKABEE: "And you said you would do it."
WELCH: "Yeah."
HUCKABEE: "You’ll still do it, right?"
WELCH: "Yes."
HUCKABEE: "Okay, okay. I realize that when the two of us are on stage together, it may not look like if we actually blend, but we do." 
WELCH: "Yes, we do."
HUCKABEE: "Yes, we do."

(Via Spin)

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