CNN’s Paul Begala Suggests Racial Component to Trump Beef with Mayor Khan, ‘He Doesn’t Attack Boris Johnson’

‘But he picks a fight with the Muslim mayor of London who said nothing like what Boris Johnson said’

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BEGALA: “It’s very interesting to me when he picks his fights and his enemies. And Mayor Khan — it's very interesting, he doesn’t attack Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London, now likely leading candidate to be Prime Minister."


BEGALA: "Boris Johnson — here's what Boris Johnson said. He called our President, before he was President, a stupefyingly ignorant, makes him unfit to be president, he called him out of his mind, yet President Trump doesn’t fight back with Boris Johnson who is a — you know, a right-wing nationalist blowhard with bad hair. But he does pick a fight with the Muslim Mayor of London who said nothing like what Boris Johnson said. I don’t know why."

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