Heilemann: Dems Getting a ‘Queasy Feeling’ About Hillary Like They Did In 2007-2008

‘She’s had an extraordinarily bad run … this story is going to go on for a long time’

“We’re at the point of the campaign right now where on both sides this is about really the establishment, right? This is not — voters are hardly engaged on either side, but at this moment it not just this e-mail thing and I’m not quite as pessimistic as Mark is maybe or I’ve changed my views about her quite as much but this story comes on the back of the stories about foreign donors at the foundation, it comes on the story about other questions about the foundation and business groups that were giving to it. She’s had an extraordinarily bad run.

This is a punctuation of some number of weeks of stories that are damaging to her because they go to the whole massive questions that are now going to get asked and looked into. This story is going to go on for a long time because of the fact that the subpoenas are being issued, because of the fact there’s still e-mails she kept on her private server that aren’t even the ones she turned over to the State Department.

There are huge questions about all this. And for establishment Democrats I think the answer, George, to answer your question is, I think for establishment Democrats it increases what has been a persistent unease about her from 2008 that still lingers from 2016.

That unease to open the door to Barack Obama eight years ago, I don’t know if there’s anybody waiting in the wings right now, but I know a lot of establishment Democrats who are getting that kind of queasy feeling in their stomach again that they had back in 2007 and 2008.”

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