NBC’s Engel: People in London Have Real Concerns About the President’s Position on the Environment

‘— About his position on Palestinian rights’


ENGEL: “So, we are here in Trafalgar Square and already there are a few thousand people gathered here, these are people protesting against President Trump’s visit. And it is a fairly lighthearted atmosphere. People have real concerns about the President’s position on the environment, about his position on Palestinian rights, but there is something of a carnival atmosphere, the Baby Trump balloon is already flying and behind me you can see — I think you can see a 16-foot statue, it is a robotic statue of President Trump on a golden commode and it speaks and it says some of President Trump’s more famous catchphrases like, 'You’re fake news,' 'No collusion,' 'It’s a witch-hunt.' This protest is expected to gather throughout the day and people are going to march toward 10 Downing Street when President Trump has that meeting with the very much lame duck prime minister Theresa May.”

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