CNN Hosts Asks Kasich About Larry Hogan; Kasich Responds with Story Making Fun of His Wife

‘I have to tell you a good story about Prince Charles’

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KASICH: “Hey Kate, before we go, I have to tell you a great story about Prince Charles. My wife and I went to the Bush funeral. Listen, we went to the bush funeral, very cold in the cathedral, and there were a myriad of politicians that wanted to say hi. My wife is having all these people come by. And when the service ended she wanted to get out of the cathedral and into the bus so she could be warm. And I said to her on the way out, hey, look, there’s — there’s Brian Mulroney, the former prime minister of Canada, and he there with Prince Charles, come over, we’ll meet Prince Charles. She thought I said Vince Charles so she went on the bus. So I go over, I say hi to Prince Charles, which was really great. I walked back on a bus, I said, wife, Karen, sweetheart, for a person that loves the royal family so much, you missed out on meeting Prince Charles. What were you thinking? She said, John, I thought you said Vince Charles, not Prince. And so we’ve been laughing about that since it happened, and it was great. My wife, she’s the best, and that one is a great story.”

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