Beto Struggles to Explain Why He’s the Best Choice to Beat Trump: ‘My Whole Life’s Work Has Been About Bringing People Together’

‘Making democracy work is what it will take to defeat Donald Trump in 2020’

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O’ROURKE: “You look at the range of historic challenges that we have in health care, the economy, confronting climate before it is too late and then this very polarized country continuously divided by this president and badly damaged democracy, my life’s work has been about bringing people together and making democracy work for everyone. The largest grass roots effort our state had ever seen, won more votes in our state’s history, but one independents for the first time in decades. Young voter turnout was up 500%. And we didn’t win, but helped to flip the house of representatives with two new members of Congress. 17 African-American women elected to judicial positions in Harris county. Literally changing the face of criminal justice in our most diverse city, showing democracy can work when we show up for everyone, write nobody off and take no one for granted. We did it all without a single dime from a single political action committee. Making democracy work is what it will take to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.”

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