CNN’s Collins on Trump Mexico Tariffs: They Rolled It out Last Night ‘Because They Didn’t Want the Details ... to Leak’

‘The latest we’ve heard from the White House is that President Trump and the president of Mexico have not discussed this since the president announced it last night’


COLLINS: "Well, that’s the question that allies of this Administration are having, because they say that this is going to potentially derail that new trade deal. But the President had been frustrated over the border crossing numbers and they’ve been at an all-time high lately and the White House is arguing that there is this crisis happening on the border. But what we know is this roll-out was kind of hastily arranged. They made the final decision to go through with this after going over it for several days. But on a call yesterday at the White House, I’m told, they made the decision to roll it out last night, because they didn’t want the details of this to leak to reporters. So instead of having this well-prepared roll-out that some people think they should have waited for, they went ahead and published it. Now, there are questions, of course, because they’re getting an earful from Republican lawmakers about this, who say this isn’t the right move to take going forward, but the question is whether the President is going to back down in light of those concerns from lawmakers, and right now it doesn’t look like he is."

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