Truck Driver Says He’s Voting for Trump in 2020, Even Though He’s Getting Whacked by the Trade War

‘I am 100 percent certain I’m voting for President Trump in 2020’


SAVIDGE: "Do you in any way feel that he’s the man responsible for the trade war and the setback you’ve been dealt?"
ZIMMERMAN: "It has an effect on our business, yes, but I don’t blame him for it."
SAVIDGE (voice-over): "This is probably a good time to point out that Mifflin town is in Juniata County, Pennsylvania which voted more than 79 percent for Trump. Profits may be down at Zimmerman Trucking, but here in this critical swing state the President’s popularity is still high."
TOWSEY: "I mean, he’s been doing more for this country than any president that we’ve had probably since Reagan."
SAVIDGE (voice-over): "Just down the road at the clubhouse grill, despite the local negative impact, Trump’s trade war and other policies are going over well."
MURPHY: "He continues to say, 'I’m going to build the wall,' and he cares about the American people."
SAVIDGE (voice-over): "In fact, almost all we talked to already know who they’ll vote for next time, including Mark Zimmerman, who’s currently feeling the pain of President Trump’s policies."
ZIMMERMAN: "I am 100 percent certain I’ll be voting for President Trump in 2020."

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