Trey Gowdy: I Don’t Think There’s a Prosecutable Case for Obstruction

‘What I have seen, firing Jim Comey is not obstruction’


GOWDY: "I’m still not clear whether that — this is one of the President’s options. I’m not his lawyer. I’m not ever going to be his lawyer. You can waive any right you have, Dana. You have the right to remain silent, but you can talk to the police if you want to. You have a right to a jury trial, but you can plead guilty if you want to. I bet the President has the right to say, no ahead, indict me. If you have enough — the Supreme Court’s never said that I can’t be indicted. This is DoJ. I’m the head of DoJ. I run the executive branch. If you have enough to indict me, go ahead and do it. At least you’ll have some clarity. What you’re going to have now, for the next 14 months, is an impeachment investigation by folks who have already made up their mind. 60 of them wanted to impeach him before Mueller wrote a single syllable of his report. The jury's never going to convict him. So, we’re going to be in this state of chaos for the next 14 months. Look, I don’t think there’s a prosecutable case for obstruction. I don’t know everything. But from what I have seen, firing Jim Comey is not obstruction of justice. If the President has the right to waive his right to remain silent, does he also have the right to waive his right to not be indicted while President? I’d take my chances with 12 reasonable minded fellow citizens before I would the House Democrats."

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