Sean Hannity Mocks Comey Op-Ed Rebuking Trump’s Treason Claims: He’s in ‘Full Panic Mode’

‘Today America’s most holier than thou Jim Comey knows better than anybody, issuing another op-ed, calling Donald Trump a dumb liar…’


HANNITY: “The swamp is in full panic mode. Today America's most holier-than-thou superpatriot Jim Comey, knows better than anybody, issued yet another op-ed, calling Trump a dumb liar and any talk of government corruption as 'worst deep state conspiracy ever.' Now, for some reason superpatriot Jim Comey forgot to mention the dirty Hillary Clinton bought-and-paid-for Russian lie dossier, even though it was him. He was the guiding light for nearly a year, and the very basis for the corruption accusations. And now, remember, he faces the fact that he swore to FISA court judges that it was a verified, the bulk of information of the FISA applications was true. Of course, Comey's rampant FISA abuse, that is not a conspiracy theory. And Jim Comey, I warned you before, you do have the right to remain silent. You should have taken my advice from the get-go. Sadly, I think your rage for President Trump and intense love of the spotlight is really overcoming every bit of common sense you might have. Comey desperately now trying to shape the narrative, so do Clapper and Brennan, absolutely terror in the hearts and minds of all of these people, because the Attorney General will show the American people what they were up to. The anxiety is palpable. Tonight the deep state is in full panic mode. They are even digging bigger holes every single time they open their mouths. Frankly, sad to watch, but important that we get right.”

(Via Mediaite)

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