Michael Steele: Biden Is in a Much Better Likability Position with Voters than Hillary Clinton Was

‘With her, it was a full stop, I do not like Hillary Clinton, period’


STEELE: "Can I have this discussion before we came on. I have slightly different approach on this, I don’t see this whole thing. The Biden/Hillary comparison to me is off kilter."
TUR: "OK. Why?"
STEELE: "Because people don’t feel the way about Biden the way they felt about Hillary Clinton, number one. So Biden is in a much better likability position with voters than Hillary Clinton was, which colored everything. With her, it was a full stop, I do not like Hillary Clinton, period. Toward Trump who they didn’t like either, it was, I don’t like Trump but. And with Biden, I think there’s a lot more well, he’s Uncle Joe, he's a good guy, let me see what he says, what he does.” 

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