Rep. Turner: ISIS Using 21st Century Communications To Promote ‘Medieval’ Acts

‘This administration really needs a global strategy that targets those that solicit, those that are looking for those individuals who want to join their organization’

TURNER: “This is very difficult. Obviously the terrorist groups and organizations are using 21st century communication techniques for what are really medieval tactics. As we look to these organizations, we need a global strategy, because we cannot pursue isolated events such as Boston, Paris, internet solicitations without actually going to the coordinated efforts of these terrorist groups or organizations. That is how we get to the root of this and that's how we affect it ...

There needs to be a coordinated approach also in our intelligence sharing, in our intelligence coordination, but the focus really should be on who they are trying to communicate with, not just the isolated people that are reaching out to them. It should be the leadership. This administration really needs global strategy that targets those that are soliciting, those that are looking for those individuals who want to join their organization. And from that, we can affect terrorism.”

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