Mehdi Hasan: If Obama Spoke About Kim Jong Un Like Trump, GOP Would’ve Demanded ‘Execution’

‘They’d be calling him a traitor’

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HASAN: "The message is that Donald Trump, once he likes you as a foreign dictator and once you’ve flattered him, he will have your back! This is a guy who’s always been very loyal to people who flatter him and will throw anyone under the bus the minute they don’t. I think the North Koreans, like the Saudis, like the Russians, they worked that out a while ago. This is how you get to Donald Trump. And you have Donald Trump saying these kind of — you saw just now in that tape, he says, I think he’s a very, very smart man, at the same time as he accuses the former vice president of the United States of being low IQ. And I know we’ve played this game before, but can you imagine if Barack Obama in 2011 had said, oh, the Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran thinks Mitt Romney is low IQ and I’m totally with him. The Republicans wouldn't just be demanding impeachment, they'd be calling him a traitor and demanding execution."

(via Mediaite)

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