House Judiciary Vice Chair: Robert Mueller Testimony Will Become Public ‘One Way or the Other’

‘We think the American public should hear directly from Robert Mueller’


BERMAN: "Can you give us a status of these negotiations? The Special Counsel doesn’t want to testify in public?"
SCANLON: "Well, I think chairman Nadler gave you the most recent status. Of course we would prefer to have him testify completely in public, but one way or the other his testimony will become public." 
BERMAN: "You say one way or the other and you want him to testify in public. Would you acquiesce ultimately to closed-door testimony?"
SCANLON: "You know, obviously we would prefer that not be the case. We think the American public should hear directly from Robert Mueller, Mr. McMahon (sic), the White House Counsel, whose testimony earlier this week was blocked, any number of witnesses who have direct knowledge of the President’s cover-up."

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