Haberman on Trump Giving Barr Power to Declassify Russia Probe Intel: ‘It Is an Enormous Amount of Power for Bill Barr’

‘Is this really going to paint to the American public what really happened in 2016’


HABERMAN: "I’m really reluctant to predict what he’s going to do. And I will say, in his favor, he did release almost the entire Mueller report. And that was not a guarantee at all that that was going to happen several months ago. We have to see what happens, but I think that it raises a host of questions, including what this means for human sources whose identities are protected. And will they be revealed and possibly endangered because of it? Again, I understand why people want to look at how this began. I think that that is not unimportant. There are already two or three other reviews of how this investigation began. So it’s not clear why you need this other one, but it’s an enormous amount of power for Bill Barr."

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