Zeke Miller on Barbara Bush Saying ‘No More Bushes’: ‘Calculated Move’ to Help Jeb

‘Barbara Bush .. is known internally as the silver fox’

MILLER: "If you look at the Bush clan, it's an innately political family. They are very good at politics. Barbara Bush especially, sort of known internally as the silver fox. You look at the just enough bushes line. That's a calculated move. She turns around on cue." 
TOURE: "She said that as a calculated thing to help him?" 
MELBER: "How is this an explanation? How does this explain the Islamic extremism?" 
MILLER: "That just gets to the point of the Bush family. 
HUNTSMAN: "Guys, this is fascinating. I'm more confused." 
MELBER: "When Abby says it's fascinating, it means we're out of time."

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