CNN: Democrats at a ‘Tipping Point’ as Nancy Pelosi Faces Internal Pressure to Impeach Trump

‘I think you’re right, I think there’s a huge conversation going on inside the Democratic Party about this’


BERMAN: "David, we have about a minute left. I want to ask you about what's become our lead story of the morning, the reporting from Rachel Bade of the 'Washington Post' and CNN has some, too, that there are now senior Democrats pushing Nancy Pelosi that they need to begin the impeachment process in the House. That they've had enough. This feels like a tipping point."
CHALIAN: "Yes, John, I think you're right, I think there's a huge conversation going on inside the Democratic Party about this. There's no doubt. And I always think for Democrats it's probably wrong to bet against Nancy Pelosi on getting to where she wants to get. She's proven to be a pretty strong leader of her caucus, but it just seems that the caucus is in this inexorable movement now towards a potential impeachment inquiry.”

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