CNN Forces De Blasio to Watch Late Night Comics Mocking His Presidential Bid

‘Late-night comics don’t bother me’


CAMEROTA: "Okay, let's talk about your run, Let’s get a little of the unpleasantness over first. The late night comics and some pundits have been particularly scathing and brutal about your bid, over others I feel. Let’s watch a tiny little snippet of that."
[clip starts]
FALLON: "Well, you guys, after 12 years, today was the final episode of the 'Big Bang Theory.' Don’t worry. It was also the beginning of a brand-new comedy, 'Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign.'”
COLBERT: "Yet another new Democratic candidate pushed his way into the clown car. I’m talking about New York City mayor and Frankenstein’s monster’s lawyer, Bill de Blasio. You hear the hometown crowd warmly receiving that."
[clip ends]
CAMEROTA: "I’m glad you’re enjoying that moment. What’s that about?"
DE BLASIO: "That’s what they do for a living. It’s normal. I don’t — look —"
CAMEROTA: "You didn’t think there was something a little bit nastier about the reaction to your announcement? I mean, here’s 'The New York Post.' Maybe we have it —"
DE BLASIO: "Well —"
CAMEROTA: "I’m pulling it up."
DE BLASIO: "Fox News and 'New York Post,' you'll get a definite reaction. I’ve challenged them plenty of times."

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