MSNBC’s Matthews: Biden ‘Trying to Rescue Us from Trumpism’

‘Biden is basically running for America against Trump’

MATTHEWS: "What hit me yesterday, first of all, was Joe Biden. Dr. Biden was spectacular. I guess it was Nina Dunn, did a produced piece, a taped piece. It was maybe the best piece I've ever seen in politics. It was patriotic, it was beautiful, her love of her country, her belief in her husband and what he can do for this country, the patriotic spirit. Biden is basically running for America against Trump. He’s trying to rescue us from Trumpism and Trump himself. I don’t know if it'll go all the way through Milwaukee at the convention, I don’t know. I'd say it's 50/50. There’s always a front-runner and a main challenger. But his emotion is patriotic, it’s not anger. Unfortunately for him, a lot of the Democratic Party is about anger — anger against corporations, against  fossil fuels. I listened to Bernie Sanders yesterday on 'Meet the Press.' It was all anger. He was angry at Ed Rendell, he was angry at everybody. But I think Biden is going to have to grab that anger and turn it against Trump. And very patriotic, too. I've got to say it again and again. Black support is a big thing with Biden, support of African-American community leaders. I was with the award leaders yesterday in Philly, actually standing with them in the crowd. A gospel chorus came on and sang, the lead singer that did the 'Star-Spangled Banner' was an African-American woman. I think he's really trying to embrace the community and run as one of their champions. I know he’s a white guy, but he wants to be a champion of the black community. Ironically, a 76-year-old white guy, but that’s where he’s comfortable."

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