Buttigieg on Impeaching Trump: Best Way to Remove Him Is ‘at the Ballot Box’

‘He may have done things that deserve impeachment’


BUTTIGIEG: "I think if you look at conduct of this administration, and the conduct of this president, there is no question that it beyond pail morally to put it politely it is legally questionable too. And he may have done things that deserve impeachment but that is for Congress to decide. My role, not as a member of Congress but a candidate to try to get a new president in a different way. In other words, I think that the thing that would really put an end not just to the presidency, but to the divisiveness, to the corruption, to the behavior and to cover that congressional Republicans many of whom you can just tell know better but they're giving it a cover because they think they have to politically. The best way in my view to to change that equation is for there to be a enormous defeat for this president, and what he represents at the ballot box."

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