Bill de Blasio: Federal Government Policies Favor the Rich

‘The money is in the wrong hands because the federal government policies favor the rich’


DE BLASIO: "First of all, the money is in the wrong hands because the federal government policies favor the wealthy and the corporations. First let’s repeal those tax breaks that Trump gave to the wealthy and the corporations. Let's bring up taxes for the wealthy people to the level they should be at. By the way, when was the fairest, most equal time in this country’s history from the 1940s up to the 1960s, including during the Dwight Eisenhower Administration when you had a much more fair higher tax level for the wealthy, where you had a huge amount of federal investment in higher education, infrastructure roads, highways, mass transit. The things that would move us forward, science, research, all of the things that helped make America great came from that kind of investment because we've said to those who are wealthy, 'Hey, congratulations, you’ve done well. But you need to pay your fair share.' Unfortunately, since Ronald Reagan right up to Donald Trump, it’s been the other way around. We can change that and we can bring fairness back."

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