On Hillary Emails, Schultz Sees ‘Benghazi Witch Hunt 2’

‘How do we turn back a Benghazi witch hunt Part 2?’

On Hillary Emails, Schultz Sees ‘Benghazi Witch Hunt 2’ (NewsBusters)

Liberal MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz on Tuesday predictably went on the offensive, dismissing interest in Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal as nothing more than a "Benghazi witch hunt part 2." He introduced a segment on the topic by explaining that, as Secretary of State, Clinton used a personal e-mail account. Schultz sneered, "I got one word for you here, Benghazi."  He frantically wondered, "How do we turn back a Benghazi witch hunt Part 2? I mean, this plays right into the Clinton haters' hands, doesn't it?" Talking to Democrat Jennifer Granholm, he queried, "Do you think this will rile up Hillary's base and [make them] realize that she still the big target?"

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