Holder: ‘Overwhelming Majority of Force ... Is Directed Against African-Americans’

‘African-Americans accounted for a little over 85% of all traffic stops by the Ferguson police department’

ERIC HOLDER: "Records showed a disturbing history of using unnecessary force against people with mental illness. And our findings indicated that the overwhelming majority of force, almost 90%, is directed against African-Americans. Now this deeply alarming statistic points to one of the most -- purishous pects harm African-Americans. In fact, our review of the evidence found no alternative evidence for the disproportionate action on African-Americans other than implicit and explicit racial bias. No other basis. Between October of 2012 and October 2014, despite making up only 67 percent of the population, African-Americans accounted for a little over 85 percent of all traffic stops by the Ferguson police department. African-Americans were twice as like lip as white residents to be searched during a routine traffic stop, even though they were 26 percent less likely to carry contraband. Between October 2012 and July 2014, 35 black individuals -- 35 black individuals and zero white individuals received five or more citations at the same time. During the same period African-Americans accounted for 85 percent of the total charges brought by the Ferguson police department. African-Americans made up over 90% of those charged with a highly discretionary offense described as, and I quote, manner of walking along roadway, unquote. Manner of walking along roadway."

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