Rick Santorum Battles Kirsten Powers in Tense Abortion Debate: ‘You’re Trying to Couch This in Moral Terms’

‘You never heard me talk about it in moral terms or in terms of my faith’


SANTORUM: "You used the term you don’t put the moral value. And that’s because you’re trying to couch this in moral terms. I don’t. You never heard me talk about it in moral terms or in terms of my faith. I came to being pro-life because my father-in-law was a geneticist, and when I was running for Congress, I was actually very conflicted on the issue of abortion when I first decided to run for office. I had never really taken a position. I sat down with him and we had an in depth medical discussion, what is this thing in the womb, is it a unique DNA, it is alive, a human being, is there anything different."

(Via Mediaite)

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