Tucker Carlson Waxes Poetic About Roger Ailes: ‘A Great and Wise Man’

‘I gave out the Fox News bureau number on air’


CARLSON: "And as a joke, I gave out the Fox News bureau number on the air. Yes, on the air. And Fox News, which always hits harder back, gave out my home phone number on its air. And so I stormed over to the Fox News bureau. By the way, I’ve worked at Fox News for ten years today, which is amazing. Many years ago, 17, and I stormed over there and I ran into James Rosen, I said I want to get in there and tell them what I think. I saw Brit, who I lived across the street from in Georgetown as a kid and really respected, and Brit Hume says Tucker, I don’t think you can win this one. Maybe you should just give it a rest. And then I walked back to the CNN bureau with my tail between my legs."

HUME: "Well, you said at the time that you were afraid of Roger Ailes."

CARLSON: "I was afraid of Roger Ailes, yeah."

HUME: "Who ended up hiring you."

CARLSON: "Yes, who I wound up loving. Really a great and wise man."

(Via Mediaite)

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