Booker: Alabama Anti-Abortion Law Is an ‘Assault on Human Rights,’ ‘Human Dignity’

‘I cannot in any way sit comfortably while this is going on’

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BOOKER: “I think we have an obligation to just think very fundamentally; does a woman have the right to control her body or do politicians have to dictate to her? Do you know how extreme this is? It says in the cases of rape and incest, that a woman, it is still illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion. So this is outrageous. It is an assault on human rights, human dignity, freedom to control your body, which has been a fight going on from the founding of this country. And I cannot in any way sit comfortably while this is going on. And this is a time in American history that mandates all of us to stand up and get involved in this fight.”

(Via Breitbart)

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